2019 Wedding Trend

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Through some of our personal observance, we think we have a new trend that you will see throughout weddings this year, no matter the style. This new trend will take place during cocktail hour.

For a standard cocktail hour, you have tables, linens, sometimes chairs, a bar, beer, wine, mixed drinks, florals, candles, decor, signage, and we can't forget food. The list goes on and on. A standard cocktail hour could add up to thousands of dollars and literally only last an hour, if that!

When a large amount of money is being spent on something it doesn't make much sense that the bride and groom never get to see cocktail hour or let alone enjoy it! That's why we are predicting seeing a lot more bride and grooms making sure stopping by cocktail hour is on there timeline.

A cool way we plan on incorporating it, is to let the wedding party make their grand entrance into cocktail hour and then be able to spend a few minutes socializing with guests before dinner. It also takes a lot of pressure off the "Grand Entrance" at the reception and makes it a little bit more relaxed and will take one more thing off the to-do list.

If you plan on making this a must do at your 2019 wedding, message us and let us know how it went and what you liked about it! I truly think it will be a great choice!


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