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Updated: Sep 4, 2019

The template asks for me to add a catchy for now I will just be fine with "Catchy Title". Hello Wedding planning world! I'm Kelly Jones and the creator of Roan Wedding and Events. I thought the best first blog would be an introductory blog featuring how ROAN came to be. Don't worry, I will keep it short and sweet because who will really read these any way?

I started Roan with a vision in mind of helping others. I always knew whatever career path I chose, I wanted it to be something that allowed me to be a helping hand. Even if that helping hand meant doing hard things. I graduated college with a Mass Media and English degree from UNC-Charlotte. Upon graduation, the hope was to become this big, informative, inspiring news anchor on the 6:00 news. Wellllllll a little easier said then done.

Upon numerous rejections, I found myself freelancing in the T.V. world during football/basketball season. While my heart is there and I love every single thing about it, moving to something full time just wasn't an easy transition, nor was I ready for it. So in the summer of 2016, I started thinking what could bring my passion of helping others, planning/organizing things like I do for a T.V. show and allow me to not sit at a desk all day... props to the people that do! Then I heard the bells, the angels singing, light bulbs flashing, and a voice saying.. wedding planning!

As bad as I hate to say this, the passion came from planning my own wedding. I know, I know, everyone thinks they are a pro once they have planned one, but seriously I just couldn't shake the feeling of wanting to do it again, and again, and again!

As I learned in taking business courses, I know that picking your name right from the beginning isn't always the best idea, but sometimes not playing by the rules in life is okay. So, on that late summer day in July, I named the official company, Roan.

Growing up under Roan Mountain, a lot of my summers and winters were spent picnicking with the family, playing in the snow, and just relaxing. Roan Mountain is just simple, natural beauty. When I thought of all those things that come to mind when thinking of my memories and Roan Mountain in general, I knew that was what I wanted my business to be full of...natural beauty, fun, but also being able to step back and enjoy the moment with the people around you.

There you have it, folks, how this little ole' girl had an idea and ran with it. Stay tuned for how one of Roan's biggest assets, Summer, came to the company and so much more. We will also be shedding light into what we do, featuring weddings we have helped plan or coordinate, and tips for your wedding day!

Out of anything you read in this new addition to Roan Wedding and Events(our blog), I hope you leave with this: No matter the dream, now matter the size of the dream, you run with it and run with everything you have. Ask the big man upstairs for guidance and go for it because you only get one shot! Starting this company could also have something to do with me have a phobia of the word, "What if?"

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