What Wedding Planners Won't Always Say To Your Face

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

We get it, this is all new to you and you want your wedding to be all about you, BUT we are writing this to encourage you, to trust us! We truly have your best interest in mind and we average 10-20 weddings a year... so in layman's terms...we've been around the block once or twice. Enjoy these insider tips.

1) There is a good chance our experience exceeds your watching of the movie The Wedding Planner and going to your cousin's wedding last spring. Trust us and trust the process... PLEASE! And no we aren't trying to be the word that rhymes with witch... we just truly know what works and doesn't work... especially if we have worked at the venue before.

2)You won't have a perfect wedding day. There I said it... there is no such thing! Something will go wrong! We are there to help make sure the impact is small or even goes unnoticed, but some things we can't control, but we certainly try. Wedding planners are the best insurance policy on your wedding day!

3) Be nice to your mom! We have seem some pretty brutal fights on wedding days. We have literally added to our contract that you must at least get along with your family. We understand your can get cranky and have a little cat fight, but a full out cuss out by the bride to the mom before they walk down the aisle...uh no thanks!

4)Once the ceremony starts, if you haven't already, forget about the timeline! That is why were are there to make sure you get to point A then to point B. We have your back, just relax and enjoy the best day of your life!

5) Trust the process, If we haven't responded to your email about a question you asked about a third party vendor, it is because we haven't heard back from them. We have probably called, texted, and emailed them, but some business' just don't operate as quickly as you or I would like... It is totally okay if you don't have your florals chose one year before the big day.

We hope this post relaxes you and gives you an insider of what we have heard from our friends and from our own personal experience. We also hope it encourages you to hire a professional wedding planner to help your day run smoothly and also there to figure out what to do when the cake never shows up and you have to feed 120 people dessert. Oh, it's happened ;)


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